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Moses Rugged Ridge Jolynn


Jolynn is a big mouthed, hard hunting female that can really run a track.  Good tree dog also. She is one of the last pups out of the old Z-Bar dog of Brent Zinks.  Her mama is a cold nosed, outstanding coon dog that is linebred on our stock.  Jolynn produces beautiful pups that are natural starting track and tree dogs.  You never know Jolynn is on the place. Pedigree: Moses Rugged Ridge Jolynn 

Moses Rugged Ridge Pitch Dark


Dark is one of tthe hardest hunting females I have ever had.  She goes hard by herself and handles like a dream. She is a very good dog from a great cross.  She has two littermate sisters Gr Nt Ch that are top coondogs too.  She is bred to perform. Darks pups are naturals that start easy and have plenty of sense.  You never know Dark is on the place. Pedigree: Moses Rugged Ridge Pitch Dark

Moses Rugged Ridge Tom Girl

Tom Girl.JPG

Dudley Huber gave me Tom Girl as a pup.  I trained her out and she has always been a hard hunter, real track dog and a good solid tree dog.  Tom Girl has always acted like an old dog from pup up.  I got her to train and cross over into my dogs.  She carries Dudley's old Tom dog that was out of Sizzlin Heat and an Alabama Hammer female many times.  Alabama Hammer dogs are known for very cold noses, which I like.  She also carried Bud Lyons old Von Plott females many times where Bud bred them to the old Tom dog.  Tom Girl is a very, very intelligent dog and I look forward to pups out of her and Lobo.  You never know Tom Girl is on the place. Pedigree: Moses Rugged Ridge Tom Girl

Moses Cowlick Kate


Kate is out of the top cross of Gr Nt Shirk's Mud (Old Poacher) and TN Brindle Breeze.  This cross is 7/8 of every dog we have ever owned.  Kate was started by a buddy of mine in Kentucky at 5 months old. By 11 months old she had 63 coon shot out to her that she either treed by herself orwith one other dog.  Kate is a hard hunter by herself. She can flat run a coon and is a solid stay put tree dog.  She has a real good mouth for a female and is fast in every way. I plan to breed her to Lobo and with his out crosses, it will click. You never know Kate is on the place. Pedigree: Moses Cowlick Kate

Moses Trackmaster Gretchen

Gretchen .png

Gretchen is a very smart young female that is linebred on my old dogs.  I plan on breeding her to Lobo when I get her trained out. She is calm, quiet, and intelligent. Pedigree: Moses Trackmasater Gretchen

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