Lobo finished to GR NT CH/PKC NT CH from January-May 2018 as a 2 year old.  He was UKC Performance Point Leader Plott, PKC Plott Breed Winner, PKC NC State CH Final Four (3rd Overall), qualified for UKC World Championship RQE 4th place and won $1554 total PKC money. 

Lobo is a tough, hard going cold nosed dog that has no quit. If he gets on a track it is treed somewhere.  He can fall treed on a cold lay up coon just as easy.  He is a loud, powerful stay put tree dog.  He will have the coon when you look up. 

Lobo also loves a bear.  He has treed at least 15 bear in his lifetime by himself.  He is the smartest, calmest, best natured dog I have ever owned. His pups are smart and calm around the house and turn into hunters when hauled to the woods. Lobo has the nose power I like to keep in my dogs.  He reminds me of his grandpa, the old Poacher dog, more than anything I've ever had. His pups run and tree naturally by scent at an early age. 

Pedigree: Gr Nt Ch Shatley Lobo