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My name is Kevin Moses. I have been around dogs and hunting all of my life. My Dad, Glenn Moses, took me and my brothers rabbit hunting from the time we were big enough to keep up. I started coon hunting with my uncle, Bill Hicks, when I was 16 years old and have never quit.

Bill gave me my first plott hound when I was 16 years of age. I still have dogs today that go back to the female pup I started with, (Moses Soaky Creek Jody). Jody was out of Nt. Ch. Hicks' Rough Ridge Slick and Hicks' Rough Ridge Dolly.

My current dogs are based around two dogs that me and my brother (Allen Moses) had. These dogs were: Nt. Ch. Gr Ch. Moses Rough Ridge Victor and Gr Nt. Ch. Gr Ch Rugged Hills Tenn Buckshot. I made the cross that produced Victor's mother (Nt. Ch. Moses' Rough Ridge Sadie.) Sadie was out of Gr. Nt. Ch. (Hicks') Starr Mountain Joe and my Soaky Creek Jody female.  I also made the cross that produced Buckshot's Daddy (Gr Ch. Nt. Ch. Rugged Hills Machine Gun Bandit.) Bandit was out of Balsam Ranger and my Soaky Creek Jody female.  I crossed Sadie to Gr Nt. Wilkes Brindle Bark to produce Victor. We bought a female out of World Nt Ch Sizzlin Heat and bred to Bandit to produce Buckshot.

You could cast Victor and Buckshot separate ways when they were yearlings and they would go tree a coon and not pay any attention to one another. They were track drifters that could make older dogs look clueless on cold feed tracks and tree lay-up coons that dogs could not smell. They were naturally strait and accurate.  We crossed females out of Buckshot to Victor and females out of Victor to Buckshot and have kept these traits strong still today. 

The dogs I have now have these similar traits. They are quick, accurate, cold nose and stay treed until you get there.  They do everything about as good as a dog can do and make very few mistakes.  They are fun to hunt through the week and have won their fair share in the night hunts. 

These dogs and their offspring have been and still are on UKC's top reproducers list as some of the top plotts going. When we find top producing lines of plotts, we breed them into these dogs for outcrosses but will always have a strong dose of Victor and Buckshot there, as long as it works.

In my opinion, the key to breeding dogs is their ability to reproduce. If they don't reproduce naturals, no matter how good they are, when they die, they are done. 

The females I own are as important as my male stud dogs.  They must prove to be naturals and sensible in the woods and around home before I will breed them.  I have gotten rid of some pretty good dogs if they act crazy or cause problems around the house. I only keep around six dogs and hunt what I breed.  I am very particular what I breed and only have two to three litters a year. 

I have no desire to make a living on dogs, but try to produce a natural pup if someone wants to buy one.  Most of my pups go to good, honest hunters that want a good honest dog. (I will not sell someone a pup that I would not keep myself.)

Poacher Plott Hounds
Kevin Moses•Owner/Breeder
421 County Road 442•Athens, TN 37303

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