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Moses Soaky Creek Jody

Jody was my first plott hound.  She was a good coon dog at night and a nice squirrel dog during the day. She would stay treed all night and won 2nd & 5th place in UKC hunts. She once won an unlicensed money hunt against some of the top dogs of various breeds from this area. She scored 675+ to win this hunt. Jody was a quick pressure tree dog. 

Pedigree: Moses Soaky Creek Jody

Nt. Ch. Moses Rough Ridge Sadie

Sadie was a super quick track dog and an extreme tree dog. She was a natural in every way and was a top reproducer of naturals.  Sadie would be hanging on the side of the tree in a "trance," when you found her treed.  She sounded like a siren going off, treeing around 130 barks per minute. She had a great nose and could tree a layup coon with ease.  

Pedigree: Nt. Ch. Moses Rough Ridge Sadie

Nt. Ch. Gr. CH. Moses Rough Ridge Victor 

Victor was a hard going blue collar coon dog.  He had a big bawl mouth and could take a cold track through the country to the right tree and leave dogs wondering and trailing. I have turned him out of the box many times to dogs struggling with a cold track and have him drift a quarter to a half mile and be treed with a coon in less than ten minutes.  This came easy to him. He was absolutely 100% straight on coon unless he smelled a bear. He loved a bear and treed a few in his lifetime. He was a stay put tree dog and I could count on one hand the coons he missed in his lifetime. Victor treed hundreds of coon and had a reputation as a coon dog given to him by hunters with all breeds of dogs in this area.  

Pedigree: Nt. Ch. Gr. Ch. Moses Rough Ridge Victor

Gr. Ch. Gr. Nt. Rugged Hills TN Buckshot

Buckshot was a high end competition coonhound. He could drift cold tracks like they were hot and fall treed on layup coon that dogs didn't know were around. Buckshot could pull a coon out in a clutch situation and just flat beat a lot of the top dogs (of all breeds) of his day. Several plott men would bring one of their females to breed to Buckshot after hunting with him in plott sectionals and such. Also, several folks of other breeds bought his pups after hunting with him.  He won high scoring plott of the World Hunt in 2001 and also won National Grand Night Champion of the breed in 2001 at Autumn Oaks. He was also on UKC's Top Reproducing list and has offspring that are on it too. Buckshot was straight on coon, and his pups excelled on coon and bear.

Pedigree: Gr. Ch. Gr. Nt. Rugged Hills TN Buckshot

Nt. Ch. Moses Rugged Ridge Poacher

Poacher is a cold-nosed dog with a big, loud, bawl mouth.  He is the type of dog that would always be treed with a coon, while the "hot-shot" tree dogs were slick. He will tree cold layed up or feeding coon behind straight-line hunting dogs all night.  Poacher is a real reproducer of coon dogs and has produced some bear dogs that have sold for good money. He stayed #1 on UKC's Top Current Reproducing list for several years and is now on the historical list. Poacher put the "having the coon ability" in his pups. He has been an asset to the plott breed. 

Pedigree: Nt. Ch. Moses Rugged Ridge Poacher

Gr. Nt. Ch. Moses Pretty Boy Poacher


Pretty Boy Poacher died March 1, 2020.  He was an outstanding coon dog, stud dog, and reproducer of powerful track dogs and stay put tree dogs.  He sired almost 400 pups.  With only about 40 percent of his pups going to coon hunters, he has already produced 5 night champion-grand night champions (and counting). Sixty percent of his pups went to big game hunters where they excelled in every category of a good hound. I have semen collected on him and his daddy, my old poacher dog, for use in the future. Pretty Boy, Old Poacher, Victor and Buckshot will always be in these dogs. Pedigree: Gr. Nt. Ch. Moses Pretty Boy Poacher

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